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Noise Cube Records are back!

This week sees the release of DJ Deadbeats first EP “Time warp/Love at Night” on Noise Cube Records and to celebrate this we’ve invited the man himself alongside label owners Smith, Strike and Kraschenbern into Subsize on brap.fm to takeover this weeks show and give us a hefty dose of all things bass!

So tune into Subsize on brap.fm tomorrow night (Tuesday 24th April) between 10pm – 12midnight and in the meantime go grab Deadbeats EP


Tune into brap.fm


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Interview with Noise Cube Records

So ahead of Noise Cube records joining us on brap.fm for a takeover show on Tuesday 6th of December 10pm – 12midnight, we thought we’d drop in on them and ask them a few questions about the label, how it all started and what we can expect in the future.

Q1. So give us a little of the history into Noise Cube Records. How did the label come about? when? and who’s involved?

The label came about through talks between Nick and I (Smith & Strike) and Ian (Kraschenbern). We were discussing the disparity between big acts playing between themselves, and new artists not getting the chance. From this we thought about our contacts, and how we could help new artists. In May of this year we sat down and began discussing the paperwork and approaches. By July, we had the name and all the forms sorted, so it was a fairly quick pace at which we worked, and our first release came out in September.

Q2. Are all of your releases derivative of Dubstep and would you consider yourself’s to be a Dubstep label?

No, our releases are varied to show the eclectic influence bass has on a multitude of genres. We have currently released Dubstep, Experimental Lo-fi hip-hop and our next release is ChipTune. With the volatility of the music industry, we felt it was best not to pin our label down to one style, but to push ourselves into performing well in multiple fields.

Q3. Who’s your big tip for 2012? Who’s going to explode onto the UK Bass scene and make a massive impact?

I reckon two of the names who are pushing their way up through the bass scene would be Magrex and Mirrored Theory. Their drive and commitment to create engaging Drum and Bass, bringing fresh sounds and ideas, has garnered them a lot of respect and support. We feel lucky to have their involvement and work on the label.

Q4. What’s your favourite non-dance music act and can you see this or any other non-dance music having any influence over what Noise Cube does in the future?

Our favourite non-dance music act would hands down have to be Vintage Trouble. Their music is both entertaining and soulful, whilst their live shows leave you utterly impressed to say the least. Whether such music will influence our label remains to be seen. As we stand, we haven’t got any plans to release non-dance music under Noise Cube, but we may venture into it in the future with a sub-label.

Q5. We know you guys put on nights both in the South West and North of the UK, but what club night, festival or event is hottest for you right now?

Oh a tough call. With so many venues around the country providing their own unique takes on nights and soundsystems, we couldn’t name just one. Our favourites would have to be Subtitle @ Corporation in Sheffield (for their ability to provide smaller DJ’s like ourselves the opportunities to play with some of the biggest acts out there), the Jailhouse in Hereford (for being able to draw top-quality acts to what is essential a remote city) and Nozstock (for creating a festival that is engaging for people who love every sort of music, from folk right through to dubstep/electro music.)

Q6. What’s on the Noise Cube office stereo today?

Mat – Today has been a lot of old school dubstep from the likes of Mala, Coki, Digital Mysticz, getting back to the deep side, trying to relax, mixed in with a little bit of grime from D Double E, Wiley and 20Q. Nick – Opiuo, Skrillex, Ian Brown, Noisia, Bar9, Steel Panther…the ipod was on the shuffle today whilst I worked.

Q7. So what can we expect from Noise Cube Records in the coming months? What releases can we look forward to? What events have you got coming up?

Well we have our third release by HarleyLikesMusic called The Adventure EP, it’s a Chiptune Electronica EP due out on the 26th December, then we are currently lining up a grime release by an artist called 20Q, and a release from Magrex & Mirrored Theory. Event wise, we are looking into doing a Noise Cube Takeover of a few venues with our artists and present a mixed night, so there will be something for everyone, that is currently in the pipeline so we can’t confirm anything yet…but we shall soon.

Q8. Finally, what can the listeners of Subsize on brap.fm expect from the Noise Cube Records takeover this coming Tuesday? Any big tunes, exclusives or special performances?

In the takeover we will have 4 mixes from our label, 3 from our artists HarleyLikesMusic, Magrex and Brotto, and 1 from one of our label DJ’s. There are going to be a few exclusives either pre-releases, or complete dubplates to keep things interesting, along with some classics ranging from modern day, right through to old school…something for everyone.

So if you want to check out Noise Cube and what they do click here and if you want to pre-order their next release from HarleyLikesMusic click here

Keep an eye on the Subsize blog for more information on the Noise Cube Records Takeover on Subsize on brap.fm 

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