French Fries – Space Alarm / Smoke Wine OUT NOW!

Believe it or not we’ve never posted about Paris legend French Fries before… hard to believe I know with the amount of his tunes that get played on our radio show by Tenz! But lets be honest he hasn’t really needed it since the explosion of his tune “Senta” back in 2010.

His latest record Space Alarm / Smoke Wine on Dirty Bird is no exception to this ongoing legacy that Valentino seems setting out for himself. It follows his release earlier this year with Clek Clek Boom and certainly hits the spot for us here at Subsize and we’re sure it will do the same for you.

Space alarm kicks things off in true French Fries style finding a gap between house and bass that only he knows how to fill. Somehow he delivers a strange emphasis on the rhythm that almost un-nerves you only to bring you back to earth with a obscure vocal sample and a drop into what can only be described as a French Fries bass attack!

Harking back to his Clek Clek Boom release back at the start of this year, Smoke Wine does what we think French Fries does best, cut vocals, stripped back bass and kick and smooth organs. 100% satisfaction for us and guaranteed repeat on the iTunes.

Preview below and BUY A COPY HERE

You can also download a Tenz bootleg remix of Senta HERE for FREE!

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