JazZstePpa vs. Word Sound Power – Blood Earth RMX

We haven’t posted about dub step in a while and for good reason, but we’re going back to our roots today for one of our favourite production duo’s and live acts that have short of destroyed our stage and events at Nozstock over the past few years.

London and Berlin based Jazzsteppa are back with their Blood Earth RMX and have nothing less than nailed it yet again. Combining their unmistakable brass driven sound with the skank seemingly only seen in the roots of the dub step sound that we know and love, this offering from the European Live dub step duo certainly won’t be leaving the subsize office stereo for some time.

Here’s what they had to say about it…

“Blood Earth (Back Against the Wall) is the first collaboration between Jazzsteppa and the Word Sound Power collective.

Word Sound Power is a trust dedicated to collaboration with revolutionary singers and musicians across India. Blood Earth is Word Sound Power’s second project, recorded in Kucheipadar, a tribal village in Odisha that has been the site of an intense and prolonged conflict and home to a rich musical tradition.

Jazzsteppa’s remix (and IPhone App) combines the lyrics of Delhi Sultanate, the mixing of Vienna based dubstep trio Atomique, the rhythm section of Israeli dub outfit Zvuloon Dub System and the video work of Kush Badhwar.”


 Videos of their “Blood Earth RMX”, iphone app and the project trailer are below…

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