Kashi’s Ciano EP out on Southern Fried October 8th!

Following his EP Rome on MadTech, October 8th see’s the release of Kashi’s Ciano EP on none other than Southern Fried Records. Offering up three deep house and techno masterpieces, this EP from one of London’s rising stars is not to be missed.

Bringing techno to the forefront of this release ‘Vis Major’ delivers the cut vocal lines that we thrive on. The ample wash of synth stabs keep things deep which is only emphasised with huge helpings of rising white noise. Title track ‘Cinao’ immediately offers up the unmistakable off beat hit hats that seem to be setting the trend in the Subsize office radio right now. Flash backs to house and garage help deliver yet another strong offering from this young London talent. ‘Going Nowhere’ keeps the theme going with deep kicks, only made more significant through his use of off beat hi hats and percussion and once again Kashi revisits the smooth vocal lines that keep the deep in deep house and techno.

Oh and some sick artwork! (Below)

You can listen to previews of all three tracks on his Soundcloud (below).

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