Reilly Steel [Top Billlin/Senseless] exclusive guest mix for Subsize!

    The time has come for us to announce that Reilly Steel will be joining the ever growing list of DJ and producers that have graced the guest mix on our bass show!

A firm favourite for all involved Subsize and a regular feature in our radio show, Reilly Steel has racked up releases with the mighty Top Billin, Senseless and Hot N Heavy over the past 12 months and is sure to be a regular feature in all that we call Subsize in the near and distant future.

Hailing from San Francisco, Reilly Steels most recent offering courtesy of Senseless in the form of his E.P – ICU, includes remixes from Mak & Pasteman and Cosmic Revenge, and delivers another fine example of his take on garage, house and techno or ‘Decayingcitymusic’ as he calls it.

Tune into on Tuesday 11th September 10pm-12midnight GMT to hear this exclusive guest mix for Subsize on

Above photo: Emmanuelle Saliba

Check out ICU below.

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