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To celebrate the release of DJ Deadbeats latest E.P with Noise Cube Records we’ve invited Deadbeat and the guys at NCR to takeover our radio show on this coming Tuesday 8th May. We’ve also been lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Deadbeats time and have fired a few questions at him about his latest release with NRC and the world of Deadbeat!

Q1. Hi hope your good? Congratulations on the new release with NCR. For those that haven’t heard it yet, what can people expect from the release? What have been your influences on this record?

A1. Hello! I am good thanks. The release is two tracks, I would say that ‘Timewarp’ is a dub – influenced dubstep track, with elements of 4×4, its spooky and atmospheric, and i would say, pretty heavy. ‘Love at night’ is a garage track influenced by old skool garage as i loved this sound as i was growing up. Its got nice warm pads, emotional vocals , a cool, crisp beat, and nice warm bass, so its cool and warm at the same time.

Q2. Can we expect more from you on NCR or is this just a one off release?

A2. Not really spoke about it as yet, but i would be very happy to work with NCR in the future! I like the way the label promotes newcomers and also the varied styles the label puts out.

Q3. Here at Subsize we love Brighton, with our beloved originating from there, now your based in the city what are your favourite things about the Brighton music scene and what it has to offer?

A3. There is so much going on down here all the time im really spoilt for choice, Theres a good vibe in Brighton, most ppl seem friendly and theres never a boring day down here. Theres plenty of talented musicians down here as well, Ive been working on a few tracks with Riskotheque, one of which was released on Love Sick Records earlier this year.

Q4. Who are the artists that are influencing you in Bass Music right now and who do you see as being the future of the scene?

A4. Im influenced by a massive range of artists and to be honest i dont watch the scene too much, i just like the tunes i like, and i make tunes of all different kinds. If i had to pick some id say Boddikka, his tunes are something else… Pasteman is one to watch out for deffo his tracks are immense. Theres some wicked producers in Sheffield right now gotta say Walter Ego, Checan, Squarehead, Mr Dubz, Rogue State, Mr Sly… OffMeNut crew… too many more to mention so ill stop there. There are literally so many new producers making quality music that id be here all day if i tried to name them.

Q5. What can we expect from DJ Deadbeat in the coming months? Are there anymore releases in the pipeline? Where can we catch you live and when?

A5. As yet i have no forthcoming releases lined up. But expect more collaborations with Riskotheque, Oh yeah i did a remix of a Harley likes music track i think thats coming out on NCR as well.. Ive also started collaborations with Walter Ego and Lenkemz. Ive been working hard to get a good amount of tunes finished that im happy with, im almost there. So keep your eyes and ears peeled.. As for live performances Im playing at DubCafe in Sheffield This Friday, and a couple of things in Brighton in the near future one is called SwitchUp and the other I cant remember the name. Nothing major lined up but hopefully after a couple more good releases bookings will start coming in.

Q6. Finally, what can the listeners of Subsize on expect from your mix for the NCR takeover?

A6. I would say that its a mixture of house and garage, but im just calling it bass music. Theres a mix of old and new tunes in there, and some unreleased exclusives as well. The vibes are nice and the bass is rolling throughout.

You can download DJ Deadbeats E.P on Noise Cube Records


and tune into


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