McMash Clan Remix John B – Free Download

Ahead of their debut EP ‘Kick Ass’ on Play me Too, The McMash Clan have offered up a sweet drumstep remix of John B’s classic ‘Up all Night’ for free download!

This new EP from the London trio will be dropping on the 5th December and includes all of Subsize’s favourite forms of bass in the shape of dubstep, drumstep, electro & moombah all mixed up with old school flavors melded perfectly with new school bass.

We first came across The McMash Clan through Mutant Bass Record’s (featured in our takeover series just a few weeks ago) first release ‘Abrasion Invasion EP’ where The McMash Clan offer up a tidy slice of twisted UK Bass and again all for gratis!

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2 thoughts on “McMash Clan Remix John B – Free Download

  1. says:

    please re post this track, would really like a copy :0)

    • subsize says:

      hi, sorry this track was taken down from their soundcloud a few weeks after this post went out 😦 got get in their quick! Keep an eye on this blog for the latest and greatest downloads though 😉

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