Kanji Kinetic & Submerse – Gyaku Gire EP

This week at Subsize we’ve gone a little bit Mutant Bass mad! Not only are we giving you a Mutant Bass takeover on our radio show on brap.fm this Tuesday, but we’ve also invited label owner Kanji Kinetic and regular contributor Submerse to infiltrate our club-night at The Jailhouse in Hereford this Friday!

So to get you in the mood for all the Mutant Bass happenings we thought we’d point you in the direction of their latest offering in the form of their Gyaku Gire EP. Here at Subsize we think this is the best EP yet to come from Mutant Bass with Kanji and Submerse collaborating on two of the tracks, NERV and Git Down, and going it alone on the remaining two tracks, Southern Cross and Oppai Misairu and in the process producing an onslaught of badass bass with four dance floor smashers. What makes the whole thing better is you chose what you pay for it!

So along with joining us on brap.fm this coming Tuesday November 8th, 10pm -12midnight for some of the best of Mutant Bass’s back catalogue, as well as a few surprises, get down to The Jailhouse, Hereford this Friday November 11th to see Kanji and Submerse live and in the meantime get your arses over to the Mutant Bass website for what promises to be one of the labels best offerings to date in the form of their Gyaku Gire EP!

Download Here

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